Reimagining a more profitable path where SaaS solutions elevate the way we farm

The future we've aspired to is currently unfolding; we imagine a world where technology bridges the gap, bringing us closer to what truly matters.

Agriculture is the backbone of every nation; it is an often-overlooked sector yet a very  prominent one. The OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2023–2032 states that growth in  total global agricultural production is expected to increase at 1.1 percent per year. Most of  this growth will occur in middle- and low-income countries.  

In Egypt for example, the agriculture sector is dominated by small farms and more than  55% of jobs in Upper Egypt fall under the agricultural sector.

Globally, the agricultural sector is the world’s largest employer, with more than 1 bn seasonal employees worldwide — and 80% of them have purchased their first smartphone in the last five years.

At aydi, we understand the importance of making agriculture more efficient and more  accessible for growers worldwide. Simplifying field operations through user friendly software solutions and intuitive tools is a global market need. 

Leveraging the Potential of Technology 

With innovative solutions designed for your convenience and peace of mind, managing  agricultural finances has become simpler and more intuitive than ever before. Because  staying on top of farm financial health is key to success, we are supporting you with the  right knowledge to help you lead a more profitable path ahead.  

The power of SaaS solutions lies in their ability to provide users with real-time data and  insights. aydi keeps growers updated with live financial data, making it easier to identify  current inefficiencies and adapt to changing market conditions. This enables quick  decision-making, optimizing operations, and maximizing profitability. 

With a clearer financial picture, it becomes easier to plan for the future and minimize risks. Our cost control feature gives you unmatched accuracy and full visibility on    production costs. Whether it’s by crop, plot, production line, or job, cost control solutions help you eliminate cost leakage, compare costs against budgets, reduce paid  downtime, and ensure long-term success. 

We still have a little bit of old school within us, and we too enjoy scribbling down on a piece of paper but struggling with complex spreadsheets has always been a pain. At aydi, we offer a user-friendly interface that streamlines the entire financial process automatically on a single dashboard.

Putting People First

Our efficient and cost-effective methods ensure that even small-scale farmers, who occupy the majority of the sector, can access powerful financial management tools and  make informed decisions with confidence. 

At aydi, people are at the heart of everything we do, in order to continue making their lives  easier, we continue to harness the power of technology while accommodating to people’s needs.  

Collaboration is a vital part of agriculture, and we understand that. Our platform allows  multiple users to access and update data from anywhere, fostering collaboration among landowners, growers, and advisors. This seamless communication ensures everyone is  on the same page, contributing to better financial management. 

By the People, for the People  

The advancements of technology have inspired businesses across the world to embrace  agility and identify new avenues of growth. We aim to bring some peace of mind, not only to facilitate daily operations, but to keep on building a better future for all.  

With aydi, the profitable path is clearer and more accessible than ever before, always  driven by the people, for the people.

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