Grow your field's profits through instant cost management and real time visibility.

aydi's all-in-one field operating system is built to meet growers' core needs, offering a comprehensive solution.

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The all-in-one software solution, for efficiency in every step

Workforce Management

Managing your workforce is an everyday struggle? Manage attendance, efficiency and productivity!

Our platform will empower your workforce productivity and performance, by helping you optimize labor efficiency and streamline all admin processes.
Field Operations Intelligence

Lack of insights over your field? See everything that is happening on your field, in real time.

Keep track of all the field activities across your farm in real-time, with comprehensive data analytics to drive smarter decision-making.
Field-to-fork Traceability

Can't trace the root of the problem? Trace your produce from the field, all the way to the market. 

Quickly identify each individual job order with all details from seed to packing line, as well as supervisors and workers responsible for each produced item.
Cost Control

Rising costs?
Accurately measure your costs and eliminate inefficiencies.

Efficiently allocate costs to each production unit (plots, Packhouse lines, etc.) and expose inefficiencies such as paid downtime and wasted resources - driving smarter decision making.
Automated Payroll

Wasting time on payrolls? Automate, say goodbye to days spent on calculating wages!

Automate payroll for your workers and contractors, freeing up your accounting and HR teams from a day's worth of tasks. This allows them to concentrate on what truly matters.
Record Keeping

Endless sheets of paper? No more manual work and wasted time just to find a simple answer.

Never lose a piece of information again, and find any answer you need with the simple click of a button. Our platform will take all your field data to the cloud so it is safely stored - forever.
Inventory Management

Inefficient inventory management is costing you? Streamline inventory and field processes in a few clicks.

Gain real-time insights into batches, stock levels, transactions and operations; enabling you to efficiently track and manage dispatch, replenishment and items applied on the field, all while receiving instant alerts.
Packhouse Management

Packhouse issues impact profit? Automate, track and manage each: line, carton, worker in real-time.

Our laser scanner and QR code-based solution enable you to eliminate redundant tasks, decrease rejected units, track each individual carton, and manage worker productivity. It also tracks the cost per unit for each batch.

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