Tailored solutions for farm businesses

Our Enterprise Bundle offers intuitive and customizable solutions to fulfill the needs of field businesses effectively, no matter their complexities.
In just a few clicks, and without the need for internet!

Fully Customizable and Tailored for You

Harness the full power of streamlined and seamless farm business management.

Facial Recognition Biometrics

The facial recognition biometric feature is built to streamline worker attendance and tracking. With this technology, growers can expect a more secure field and a reliable method of managing their workforce, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring that only legitimate workers are on-site.

• Fraud detection

• Improve on-field security

• Streamline worker attendance

• Performance tracking

Operations | Approval Workflow

Users can now customize approval processes for their field teams and contractors, assign reviewers, and simplify document handling through aydi. This feature enhances the efficiency of contractor payments and stakeholder decisions, making field operations simpler than ever before. Experience workflow efficiency and control in just a few clicks.

• Improves accuracy

• Communication and task delegation

Seamless Integration

aydi seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack, offering a smooth collaboration that enables a high level of deep specialization across all field operations. This integration ensures an optimal management experience, allowing you to streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency in your operations.

• Enhances Internal Ecosystem

• Advanced Specializations

Premium Customer Success

Experience 24/7 dedicated account management tailored to meet the immediate needs of growers. Enjoy an unparalleled, personalized service built to maximize the value you receive from aydi!


• Dedicated Account Manager

• Personalized On-ground and Online Support

Embrace the Power of aydi, an Unparalleled Field Management Experience

Facial Biometrics

Monitoring and managing the workforce

Premium Support

24/7 dedicated account management fulfills immediate needs


Sustain the growth of your business.


Seamless integration with your existing field ecosystem


Loved by industry leaders

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