Record Keeping

Never lose a piece of information again, and find any answer you need with the simple click of a button. Our platform will take all your field data to the cloud so it is safely stored - forever.

Discover Benefits

No more paperwork
Increase reliability and accuracy of your records
Access your records from anywhere and at any time
Instantly generate reports for quick and informed decision-making
Stay compliant with industry regulations and guidelines
Works offline and syncs your data once you are back online

Create job orders from the field.

Create a job order instantly by scanning the unique QR code generated for each production unit (i.e. plot, packhouse line, …), selecting the job type and other details, setting the productivity target for each worker then assigning workers.

View all records in one central dashboard.

View all the field jobs whether in progress or completed. This enables you to analyze and take action on all your field jobs efficiently, without the need for manual data entry and reconciliation.

Retrieve job history with the click of a button.

Instantly retrieve all relevant job history information, including job status, location, assigned workers, job descriptions, and output.
Allowing for greater visibility and control over your workforce management practices, as you can quickly identify any patterns or issues that need to be addressed.

Mobile Accessibility with Offline Mode.

Enter your work data with your mobile on-the-go for greater flexibility, even in remote areas or during network outages. Once a network connection is available, all data is automatically synced and uploaded to your database.

Go Live In Less Than 48 Hours.

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