Automated Payroll

Automate payroll for your workers and contractors, freeing up your accounting and HR teams from a day's worth of tasks. This allows them to concentrate on what truly matters.

Discover Benefits

Automatically convert timesheets and productivity outputs into payroll sheets.
Save days of work for accountants calculating hours and piecework.
Granular labor cost assignment to plots, operations and contractors.
Easily extract historical payroll data for audits and compliance.

Generate payroll instantly for each working day.

Generate payroll for your workers instantly, as soon as you assign them to their contractor agreement and a field job. You can easily view all payables by working day, contractor, job or crop, making it easier to track labor costs and manage payroll more efficiently.

Edit the payables and apply bonuses or deductions.

Edit, delete, or add new payables as needed, based on job performance or other factors. You can also apply bonuses or deductions to individual workers or the contractor for a specific working day or field job, selecting the bonus/deduction type, value, and notes.

Issue settlements for crews and contractors.

Simply select a date range and a contractor, and our software will generate a printed settlement for you before handing it over to the contractor. This feature ensures regulatory compliance and saves time and effort, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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