Inventory Management

Elevate your inventory management with aydi. Gain real-time visibility and insights into batches, stock levels, and operations. Streamline tasks, receive instant alerts, and manage your inventory effortlessly on our secure platform.

Discover Benefits

View your inventory in real-time.
Connect inventory to field tasks.
Access real-time field performance.
Real-time cost analytics dashboard.
Easily extract compliance data for applied inputs.
Reduce costs and save time.

Setup Warehouse and Suppliers.

In just a few clicks, users can add suppliers and configure warehouse details, establishing the foundation for a hassle-free and organized inventory system.

Manage Inbound and Outbound transactions.

Clear visibility over all inbound and outbound inventory transactions, all in real-time.

Create, Review & Checkout Inventory Requests.

Comprehensive tracking and managing of dispatch, replenishment and logistics while gaining real-time insights and instant notifications.

Log Field Application Jobs.

Track your farm supplies and field activities directly from anywhere, and effortlessly log what is used on each job for resource efficiency and productivity.

Record Keeping.

Maintain secure, digital records of your farm supplies and effortlessly generate compliance reports for all inputs applied on the farm.

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