Cost Control

Efficiently allocate costs to each production unit (plots, packhouse lines, etc.) and expose inefficiencies such as paid downtime and wasted resources - driving smarter decision making.

Discover Benefits

Identify costs for every plot.
Compare costs against budgets.
Visualize costs per operation, plot or crew.
Eliminate cost leakage.
Reduce paid downtime.

Generate the cost per each farm plot or packhouse line.

Gives you a clear understanding of the cost structure of each production unit. This feature enables you to monitor and optimize your costs, making sure that you are running your farm efficiently and profitably.

View the paid downtime spent by idle workers.

Enables you to identify any inefficiencies in your workforce and address them accordingly. By tracking paid downtime, you can ensure that your workers are productive and that you are not paying for time when they are not utilized.

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Compare the costs for different crops, plots, production lines and jobs.

Enables you to identify which areas of your farm are more profitable than others and make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources.

Visualize the cost breakdown and trends.

Provides you with an overview of your farm's cost structure and helps you identify areas where you can reduce costs or improve efficiency. By visualizing cost trends, you can make informed decisions about your farm's future direction and ensure its long-term profitability.

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