Field Operations Intelligence | Cost Per Plot

Essential + Advanced tools that enable comprehensive real-time visibility and increased control over your operations, including: Real-time inventory management, field-to-fork traceability, and advanced customer support service. Our Business bundle enables full cost per plot analysis, centralized under one unified platform, for an unparalleled management experience.
In just a few clicks, and without the need for internet!

Enhanced efficiency and control through Advanced Field Intelligence.

Grow smart with your reliable set of advanced tools.

Real-time Inventory Management

Through real-time visibility, effortlessly track and manage batches, stock levels, item dispatch, purchasing and re-stocking. Receive real-time alerts and notifications over your inventory operations and streamline fertigation, irrigation and spraying tasks in just a few clicks. Store and manage your inventory data on aydi’s secure and simple unified platform, for comprehensive tracking and clear visibility over all your warehouse operations.

• Track applied products

• Stock level management

Real-time alerts

• Daily reports

Field-to-fork Traceability

Enhance your customers' trust in your products by positioning them as transparent, traceable, and safe. Add a QR code based solution to your products that leads your consumers to a custom built and branded landing page. This way, your customers can access information about the time and location of harvest, any biochemicals and pesticides used, and other relevant details, reinforcing your commitment to quality and safety.

• Build consumer Trust

• Access high quality markets

• Ensure transparency & compliance

Advanced Customer Support

aydi is your reliable partner on and off the farm! Experience responsive support with instant replies and customer service available through WhatsApp and phone support with aydi! Enjoy personalized assistance built to provide you with the best customer experience possible and enhance your experience as one of aydi’s valued partners.

• 24/7 Whatsapp support

• 24/7 Phone support

Advanced Field Operations Intelligence and Task Management, All in just a Few Clicks

Stock Levels

Manage and track inventory.


Worker attendance and productivity.


Real-time notifications and alerts.


Empower consumers to make informed decisions.

Field Visits

Entitled to free field visits for enrollment.

Advanced Analytics

Comprehensive cost per plot analytics through user-friendly dashboards.

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Field Operations Intelligence

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