Workforce Management

Our platform will empower your workforce productivity and performance, by helping you optimize labor efficiency and streamline all admin processes.

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Onboard new workers in seconds.
Ensure compliance by collecting IDs.
Register worker attendance from anywhere in the field.
Track time and productivity.
Monitor and improve performance.
Get notified with incidents immediately.

Onboard New Contractors and Workers in Seconds

Save time and reduce errors by registering new contractors and workers in seconds with unique QR codes generated by our software. This feature allows you to easily record attendance, track productivity, and calculate payables with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Document Crew and Contractor Agreements

Create digital contracts with your crews or contractors, whether it be by hourly rate, daily rate or piecework.

Create Job Assignments.

Directly assign jobs to your crews and contractors, and notify them of their daily tasks and targets.

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Get started today to discover how our solution can enhance your operations. - Get started today and discover the value of - automated farm business.

Track Attendance and Performance.

Easily track each worker's attendance and performance logs, and identify your top performers to ensure they are retained, motivated and rewarded.

Apply Individual Bonuses to Motivate and Boost Productivity

Easily apply individual bonuses for top performers with customizable options for type, value, and notes.

Report Incidents Happening in the Field

Easily report incidents that occur during field jobs. This feature allows you to quickly respond to incidents and take appropriate actions, while also ensuring accurate record-keeping.

Go Live In Less Than 48 Hours.

Get started today and discover the value of streamlining and automating your farm business.

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