Field-to-Fork Traceability

Quickly trace specific field operations with all details from seed to pack-line, as well as supervisors and workers responsible for each produced item.

Discover Benefits

Improved Quality Control
Manage Quality Recalls
Identify Root Cause for Defects
Increase Clients' Satisfaction

Generate a unique QR code for each job

This ensures that each job is uniquely identified, making it easy to track its progress and ensure its quality.

Print the QR code stickers to add to your produce

You can easily print stickers containing the code and add them to your produce items. This not only enables you to track the items from the point of origin to the point of sale for improved compliance with regulations but also provides customers with an added layer of transparency and trust in your produce.

Track any item to view its historical data by scanning the QR code

Trace the entire journey of your produce items and respond quickly to any quality or safety concerns.

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