Real-time Visibility | 360° view over your operations

Our Essential bundle is tailored to the needs of growers who require real-time visibility into their field operations. This empowers our partners to identify and address potential issues promptly, thereby enhancing their decision-making and corrective actions. Streamline management and reduce costs on your farm effortlessly, through aydi’s centralized and easy to use platform.
In just a few clicks, and without the need for internet!

Comprehensive Real-Time Visibility

Reduce your operational costs through real-time insights and reliable analysis of your field’s data.

Workforce Management

With just a few clicks, managers can register crews, track attendance, assign tasks and gain real-time visibility across all workforce productivity and activities. This centralization of labor management on aydi’s platform enables you to enhance productivity and guarantees efficient use of resources. Optimize your workforce for higher yields, lower field costs, and simplified daily operations.

• real time visibility

• Worker verification & attendance

• Assign tasks & job orders

• Automated payrolls

Fertigation, irrigation and spraying management.

Elevate operations through real-time visibility over your farm's activities. Our field operating system ensures timely application and live insights over field operations, from fertigation and irrigation to pesticide and biochemical spraying.

• Timely alerts and notifications

• Detailed insights

• Instant reporting

Record Keeping

aydi's field operating system offers centralized real-time data entry and storage on our secure cloud platform for instant and easy access, enhancing decision-making. This eliminates scattered files, manual paperwork, and the risk of data loss - allowing you to centralize and access your workforce, inventory and field data in real-time through the aydi-eye platform, from anywhere, at any time.

• Eliminate risk of data loss

• Compliance support

• Historical data archive

• offline accessibility

Real-Time Visibility and Comprehensive Farm Insights Under Your Fingertips!

Daily Reports

Field activity insights.

Automated Payroll

Streamline your finances.

Field Activity

Real-time visibility over all field activities.

Register Workers

Seamlessly from anywhere on the field.


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